About Us

About Us
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As the oldest running hotel in South Africa, we have a history that spans back over three centuries, surviving multiple fires and evolving into the luxury hotel that you see before you today, dedicated to green hospitality and giving back to the community.

Our Journey

Our Journey

Established in 1686 as a modest thatch-roofed church at the request of Dutch governor Simon van der Stel, the namesake of Stellenbosch. Originally named d’Ouwe Werf or ‘the old yard’. The church was deconsecrated after being destroyed by a fire in 1710.

In 1802 the Wium family built an inn on the site, however, another fire swept through the establishment not even a year later, reducing both the inn and an additional 42 surrounding houses. The hotel was rebuilt, but 80 years later it would once again suffer the scourge of fire that wreaked similar damage to the previous one.

It was only in 1973 that owner, Gerhard Lubbe, restored the property and incorporated its history into the hotel. A preserved historical church graveyard can still be seen under the hotel’s kitchen today!

In 2007 the hotel was bought by the Petousis family and developed into what it is today, a premier Stellenbosch landmark.

Environmentally Friendly Hotel

Environmentally Friendly Hotel

We aim to apply a living green ethos to our hotel through environmentally-friendly, sustainable, resource saving practices.

We recycle a significant amount of our waste, generate solar thermal power, as well as making use of energy and water-wise devices.

We actively source producers of local, eco-safe and ethically produced goods.
Oude Werf is a member of key environmental initiatives.

Contact our Group Sustainability Manager for further information:
Chris van Zyl
E: chris@vineyard.co.za
T: 021 6574500