Our GM Elanie Fourie is back at the helm after giving birth to her son, Paul. Here we speak to her about what she’s most looking forward to this year and the big plans she has for Oude Werf.

How does it feel to be back?
EF: From a work point of view it’s wonderful to be back! This is my tenth year as GM at Oude Werf Hotel and the staff have become like family. I have missed them as well as the regular guests. Although I do miss my little boys every day!

What did you miss most while you were away?
EF: Definitely the people. The staff first of all and then the guests!

What has most impressed you since you’ve been back?
EF: The great feedback from guests on our level of service, as well as the stunning shape that the hotel is in. It’s never been so beautiful or so well taken care of.

What are your top three goals for Oude Werf for 2016?
EF: The happiness of our guests is always number one. Happy guests = happy GM! Then to improve the wellbeing of our staff and to put our restaurant on the map.