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“I am thrilled to join the Oude Werf family,” says Nina Daniels, “and I’m looking forward to interacting with the guests and the staff. I love the intimacy of the property, its character and the people who work here.  You can see that staff members genuinely enjoy working at the hotel.”

Nina is also looking forward to the flexibility of being able to engage with people in her mother-tongue, Afrikaans.

A Kuils River local, Nina grew up in Elsie’s River.  Her parents are pastors of a community church and work very closely with the homeless. This could have influenced Nina’s desire to work with people, and her first career in HR ­– she was HR manager at Townhouse for six years, followed by a stint at the Vineyard Hotel.  Now she finds herself at Oude Werf, drawing on the skills she learnt as right-hand woman to the general managers at the other Petousis hotels.

“I enjoy working for the Petousis family,” Nina says. “Through my role as HR manager I witnessed first-hand how they treat their staff: always with genuine concern.”

In her down time Nina loves spending quality time with her family, hiking and enjoying long walks on the beach.