We would like to acknowledge our dear Oom Cyril, who has been working at Oude Werf for 12 years. His smile is legendary and we are so grateful to have his warm and friendly self on our stoep every day helping guests with luggage, welcoming international travellers and greeting regulars like old friends.

Oom Cyril started out at Oude Werf in 2004 as a driver. He delivered guests safely to their destinations, but when he started to struggle with his eyesight, the team at Oude Werf had to find another position for him, something that would utilise his charm and skills, which is how he ended up becoming the legendary smile on Church Street.
“The best part about this job for me is the guests, especially the ones who come every year. It’s important that people see a happy, welcoming face when they arrive and that’s me. I’m famous for that.”